Meet our 2020 Teaching Fellows

Savannah Francois

College: Robert Morris University

Fun Fact: I can recite the whole Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire movie

Catherine Rodriguez

College: Cornell University

Fun Fact: I’m going to publish my own poetry book this summer

Ra’Kya Lewis

College: Philander Smith College

Fun Fact: My favorite animated movie is Shrek.

Asher Joy

College: Princeton University

Fun Fact: I am a big Lord of the Rings nerd 🙂

Hunter Logan

College: Haverford College

Fun Fact: My most streamed song on Spotify is “Two” by The Antlers

Haley Cao

College: Columbia University

Fun Fact: I’ve dyed my hair a lot!

Elisabet Lopez

College: The University of Texas at El Paso

Fun Fact: I know the lyrics to every single Disney song 🙂

Maddy Wuchenich

College: Bryn Mawr College

Fun Fact: I played water polo for 3 years in high school!

Gillian Revenis

College: University Of Pittsburgh

Fun Fact: I have way to many house plants!!

Valeria Aleman

College: Trinity Washington University

Fun Fact: I enjoy watching 90’s sitcoms

Jayda Peets

College: Howard University

Fun Fact: I have played the cello for over 8 years.

Najee Hardaway

College: College of Wooster

Azeez Attar

College: Virginia Tech

Fun Fact: I am a Lionel Messi stan.

Andrea Arcos

College: Arizona State University

Fun Fact: I am very good at karaoke!

Instructional Coaches

Caroline Steliotes

College: Haverford College ’18, Harvard Graduate School of Education ’19

Fun Fact: I make some really good (re: awful but like also great?) math parody music videos.

Course taught during 2019-2020 school year: 7th Grade Math in the School District of Philadelphia

Favorite thing about being a teacher: There’s lot of things that make teaching rewarding, but I think my favorite thing is how silly I can be while teaching. If you’re not a silly person, then you don’t need to be silly while teaching. But I’m a very silly person, and while the act of teaching is inherently deeply political and serious, I adore that I can be myself without reservation while teaching. While it’s not true in every environment, if you find a school where the culture lets you be you and embrace that, it’s a beautiful thing- both for you and your students to witness!

Tiffany Ward

College:University of Pittsburgh, MAT 2006-2010, 2010-11′

Fun Fact: I recently started writing haikus. Sometimes I do stand-up comedy routines to myself in the car.

Course taught during 2019-2020 school year: 4th Grade Math/Math Instructional Coaching

Favorite thing about being a teacher: It’s a form of art & justice!

Jay Hu

College: University of Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: I grew up in Chicago and moved to Hong Kong when I was 12.

Course taught during 2019-2020 school year: 7th Grade Science

Favorite thing about being a teacher: Teachers have such an incredible privilege of impacting the future generations!